Almost all of the largest companies in the web products and services industry are ICANN Accredited. These include big names such as 1&1, Go Daddy, The Planet, Lunarpages, Host Gator, etc.

Every year, scores of web services companies (webhosts, domainers, web design companies, internet focused law firms, etc.) apply to obtain an ICANN Accreditation. They do this for varied reasons, which range from the obvious cost advantages to the slightly more strategic reasons such as branding, the tapping of additional revenue opportunities, etc. For web hosting companies, getting ICANN Accreditation is an obvious step once you cross a certain inflection point.

But tread with caution; ICANN Accreditation is an important step. It takes money, time and effort. Not everyone that applies for an ICANN Accreditation really needs it. More importantly, however, not everyone that applies has what it takes to handle the Accreditation.

There are tons of unanswered questions that companies have about ICANN Accreditation:

  • Q. How much does an ICANN Accreditation really end up costing? What are the hidden costs?
  • Q. What rules and regulations will companies need to abide by if they get ICANN Accreditation?
  • Q. When or at what stage should I look at getting my company ICANN Accredited?
  • Q. Is ICANN Accreditation really worth it?

All of these questions have been answered through this simple interactive presentation. This can help you objectively assess their ICANN Accreditation plans.

We're the best people to talk about this topic. LogicBoxes; (through its service, has helped accredit over 15% of the world's Registrars. We also power the domain registration software of industry powerhouses like, ResellerClub, Wordpress and HostGator.

The presentation was ably supported by Tim Cole, Chief Registrar Liaison from ICANN. Tim provides ICANN's perspective on what you can expect from the Registrar accreditation process.

- Tim Cole, Chief Liaison from ICANN
- Sandeep Ramchandani, Director, Strategic Partnerships, LogicBoxes

- Liam Eagle, Cheif Editor, theWHIR

How/Where do you Start?

Start by assessing the feasibility of an ICANN Accreditation for your company at Zero cost. Fill in our simple 3 step ICANN Accreditation Feasibility questionnaire and our consultants will revert to you with a 360° Cost Benefit Analysis.

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