Become an ICANN® Registrar

An ICANN® Accreditation creates a unique global identity for your business, adding on to several advantages that you can leverage as a Registrar

The Cost Advantage

TLD Avg Wholesale Cost Registrar Cost
.com $9.99 $8.03
.net $13.69 $9.95
.org $12.09 $10.11
.info $12.99 $10.04
.biz $12.69 $10.62

The Brand Advantage

Industry Recognition
Boost Sales of Allied Services
Build Your Own
B2B Network

Complete Control,
Autonomy and Secrecy

Reliable Automation

The Revenue Advantage

domain parking
Registry Marketing Grants
domain parking
Other revenue opportunities

The Industry Advantage

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Over 12 years of R&D experience, have culminated in the most feature-rich and robust domains automation platform in the industry.
12 years experience
More than 12 years of experience
Having managed some of the world’s largest registrars, LogicBoxes has been an industry leader in the ICANN® Accreditation Consultancy space
Ease of access
Ease of access
Our flexible platform accommodates most integration options through easy-to-use APIs, over and above the flexibility of being able to sell all TLDs, both as a Registrar and a Reseller.